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We are a long-established, international company with more than 50 years of experience specialising in efficient networked building technology. Founded in 1961 in Altwarmbüchen near Hanover as a family-run company, the name meibes stands for quick mounting systems. 

Pre-assembled sets of fittings and a multiplicity of patented designs and developments streamlined time-consuming assembly work on sites. True to the motto “easier, quicker and more successful”, the fundamental idea is to create additional value for the installer by ensuring less time is required for the installation as well as fewer staff assignments.

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Facts and figures about meibes

– Approx. 500 employees worldwide
– 37 sales locations
– 4 production sites in Germany and Poland
– 90 % of the products are manufactured in Germany
– Approx. 45 registered patents
– More than 3000 products and systems as well as
– Over 10,000 product variants
– DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 certification

Meibes Consumption Metering

“Heatplus” Compact Heat Meter

Compact heat meter with magnet-free scanning for wear-resistant and long-term stable measurement. IrDA interface for reading and parameterising the heat meter. Temperature measurement is carried out using two PT 1000 platinum resistance thermometers. 8-digit LCD display with pictograms for displaying the actual value, old value and check number, as well as many service and operating parameters. Appropriate communication technology (e.g. M-Bus) can be retrofitted using add-on modules or optionally integrated in the factory. Optionally with additional pulse input interface for connection of up to 2 external water meters. Incl. installation accessories, MID approval



“Heatsonic” Ultrasonic Compact Heat Meter

– Considerably improved wireless performance
– Low power consumption –> longer battery life
– Insensitive to contamination
– Wide range of power supply options
– Optional integrated radio, real data or open metering (868 or 434 MHz)
– Individual remote reading (AMR) with optional plug and play modules
– Extensive readable data memory
– 2 communication slots (e.g. M-Bus and pulse input)

    Founded in 1991, Metallic Building Materials LLC. (MBM) is a well-established Stockist & Distributor of quality products across the UAE and the Arabian Gulf, and continually expanding throughout the region.

    We are a project-oriented company, headquartered in Dubai, with branch offices in Oman & Qatar and affiliations in Bahrain, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia with agreed sole distributorship of various engineering companies in the United States and Europe.

    Our general business practices include approaching builders and contractors directly to fulfil their building needs through our expert sales staff.


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