BROEN is an international company, exporting products to more than fifty countries.

They are a part of the stock-listed industrial group Aalberts Industries. This international industrial group has two core activities: Industrial Services and Flow Control. Target-driven approaches to the market, a decentralised management structure and innovative working practises have made Aalberts Industries a leader in many market areas. The ongoing goal of Aalberts Industries is constant growth and development.

BROEN BALLOREX® is a range of strong balancing valves for various applications. The valves offer numerous unique features that provide the installer with the perfect tool to make hassle free, perfectly balanced systems.

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Ballorex Vario combines flow readings, preadjustment and shut-off function – all in a single unit. This design also makes the Ballorex Vario ideal for restricted spaces or awkward locations. The Ballorex Vario is simple to preadjust using a hexagon socket wrench. On completion of the preadjustment the settings remain fixed. The Ballorex Vario preadjustment and shut-off functions work independently of one another. The system flow can then be shut off without changing the preadjustments. The Ballorex Vario comes with a drain valve as an optional extra. The Ballorex Vario with drainage device may be combined with the Ballorex Delta differential pressure control valve using a capillary tube. Using the Ballorex Vario and Ballorex Delta simultaneously in a system section with consumers, eliminates pressure fluctuations in the section in question. The constant differential pressure regulation prevents the preadjusted design flow of the Ballorex Vario from being exceeded.



The static Ballorex Venturi circuit control valve uses the familiar Venturi principle. The flow is measured by means of the pressure differential across a fixed Venturi channel. This generates a strong differential pressure signal for optimum flow readings. The Ballorex Venturi provides a measurement signal up to ten times stronger than that of a conventional valve with a fixed or variable opening. Ballorex Venturi has a measuring tolerance of only ±3% across the entire control range. Its superior measuring accuracy makes the Ballorex Venturi the top product for balancing heating and cooling systems. The Ballorex Venturi is simple to preadjust using a hexagon socket wrench. On completion of the preadjustment the settings remain fixed. The system flow can then be shut off without changing the preadjustments. The Ballorex Venturi does not require any stabilising sections upstream or downstream from the valve.




The innovative design of the Ballorex Dynamic combines a removable cartridge with pressure-independent preadjustment, flow readings and control valve function in a single unit. As the radial movement of the preadjustment unit and the axial shaft movement of the 2-way valve function independently of one another, the servomotor always has the full range of travel at its disposal and is therefore always fully controllable. The Ballorex Dynamic therefore reacts immediately to the building control technology or room thermostat signal and adjusts the flow accordingly. This ensures constant and precise thermal comfort under all conditions. The direct measurement of the actual flow not only makes it possible to precisely preadjust the Ballorex Dynamic, but also to inspect and document the flow at any time. During system maintenance or service, the direct flow readings can also help pinpoint possible system errors.

Delta (DP)

Ballorex Delta is installed in the return line with a capillary tube connection to the flow line. The flow line pressure is recorded via the integrated valve membrane. As the system pressure increases, the Ballorex Delta ensures a constant drop in pressure across the area controlled by the heating system. Adjustments are simple to make using a hexagon socket wrench. The valve can also be used to isolate the system. The service and maintenance system can be drained using the integrated bleed valve. Using the Ballorex Delta to balance the system makes it possible to transfer the project and service the system section by section, which saves time and money.

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