Flamco Hydronics

The Flamco Group is a member of the Aalberts Industries N.V. and is concerned with the development, production and sale of high-quality components for use in HVAC systems. In more than 70 countries, we offer successful, innovative solutions for problems including residential and commercial building and sustainable energy.

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Pressurisation, de-aeration and topping up in closed heating and chilled water (cooling) installations according to EN 12828.

Flamcomats with pump units are used for storage of expansion water, deaeration and topping up your installation automatically as an integrated controlled unit carried out with state of the art micro-electronics.
The Flamcomat balanced pressure expansion equipment is sized according to the total system volume and the boiler or chiller load.The Flamcomat vessel is 80% efficient irrespective of the static height of the system. It is the ideal solution for large installations or high installations where standard diaphragm expansion equipment is limited.

Due to the hydraulic design of the Flamcomat G3 and the connection sets, the vessel can be positioned anywhere around the Flamcomat.
Beams are fitted to the Flamcomat G3 for protection of components and easy transport into hard to reach places.
The position of the second pump on a doublepump Flamcomat G3 can positioned on either side of the Flamcomat.
The Flamcomat G3 requires approximately 50% less surface area.



Compact, totally enclosed digital pressurisation unit with electronic pressure transducer and user-friendly microprocessor for use on sealed systems in order to provide a minimum system pressure requirement. The correct fluid mix is blended on demand at the time of system top-up.

The PressDS (Pressurisation/Dosing System) is a floor standing, high flow rate (<18 l/min) additive top-up mixing pressurisation unit with a 4 litre break tank. 18 litre tank for additive top-up. Each time the unit tops-up the system with water, it also automatically adds additive from a dedicated tank at a predetermined rate, reducing intervention and maximising system protection.

System Volume (Guide): < 60,000 litres

Application of Use:
– Commercial.
– Industrial.
– Residential.

Product Features:
For system volumes up to 60,000 litres.
Break Tank: 4 litre water break tank with type AB Air Gap Fluid Cat 5.
MODBUS communication output.
System quick-fill mode.
Password protection for parameter entry.
Pressure settings in 0.1 bar increments.
Service reminder option (12 months).
Pump pulse option (2 second pulse if inactive for 60 days).
Flood protection options.
Event logging for pump start, individual pump run hours counter, electrical interruption and common alarm.
Volt free contacts for common fault, high pressure, low pressure, pump fault, pressure transducer fault.
18 litre additive tank.
Mix ratios from 1% to 50% user configurable balancing valves.
Top-up pressurisation unit (<18.0 l/min).
Electric pump, 230V 50Hz 1ph.
Colour: Black (RAL 9005)

Factory fit options:
High water level.
BACnet communication protocol in place of MODBUS connection.

PressDS Plus

Vacumat Eco

The Vacumat Eco degasses extremely accurate and effective. This pressure-temperature controlled degasser degasses at least seven times faster through the much greater and fully continuous degassing capacity. Removing gases more quickly limits as much damage to the system as possible, avoids unnecessary faults and expensive repairs, and extends the life of the system.
The Vacumat Eco is also eight times more energy efficient than the degassing systems currently available on the market.

– Degasses up to seven times quicker than comparable products.
– Is eight times more energy-efficient thanks to innovative technologies.
– Gives real-time insight into system performance.
– Low noise.
– Automatic standby function for optimal energy saving.
– Control unit can be set to any level within a given range.
– Rugged design.

Vacumat Eco

Flamcovent Clean Smart

Optimum air and dirt separation combined with energy retention.
The new Flamcovent Clean Smart air and dirt separators remove even the tiniest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. The Flamcovent Clean Smart performs 60% better than conventional air and dirt separators, while the flow resistance has been reduced to a negligible level.

25 Neodymium supermagnets are incorporated into the dirt scraper of the Flamcovent Clean Smart. The magnetic rating per magnet is 13,000 Gauss/1,3 Tesla.

– Up to 60% better performance compared to conventional air and dirt separators. 
– Extremely low flow resistance resulting in less energy consumption. 
– Standard flow speed up to 3 m/s. 
– Twenty-five neodymium supermagnets are incorporated into the dirt scraper.
– Constant performance during the entire lifespan. 
– Low maintenance

Flamcovent Clean Smart

Flexcon M

For heating and chilled water (cooling) installations according to EN12828.

The vessel is equipped with a replaceable bladder made from high-quality rubber.
Particular benefits of use are achieved in installations with large variations between static pressure and pre-set pressure of the safety valve.

– Replaceable bladder.
– Nitrogen gas filling for longer maintenance of pre-pressure.

Flexcon M

Airfix D

For use in potable water or fresh water installations.
The inside of the Airfix vessel has a special coating which prevents oxidation. The composition of the diaphragm has been made for this range in such a way that there will be no variation in smell, colour or taste. The famous Flexcon clench ring construction allows the water section to be coated before assembly.
The Airfix D is fitted with a special synthetic full flow through device which eliminates the formation of unwanted bacteria.

– Nitrogen gas filling for longer maintenance of pre-charge. 
– Including special full flow through device.

Airfix D


– The compact, proven design has high efficiency and guaranteed operation for heating and air conditioning.
The water within the installation contains air which can form corrosion and reduce the thermal transfer. A Flexvent is fitted at places where the air collects. Float operated, the air is collected in the Flexvent causing the float to drop and open the air release valve. When the air is eliminated the float rises and closes the valve.

– Flexvent float vents are made of brass. Most types are equipped with a shut-off valve for easy fitting and dismantling.
A Flexvent float vent is easy to fit in any installation due to its very small dimensions. The relatively large air cushion at the top of each type of Flexvent float vent protects the valve seat sufficiently against contamination so that the Flexvent will not leak.
To guarantee top quality, we test all Flexvents before they leave our facility!

– Suitable for water and water/glycol solutions up to 50% glycol.


Flexcon M-K/U

For heating and chilled water (cooling) installations.

Ideal for larger systems and systems which cannot tolerate the rise in pressure associated with standard sealed system equipment. These units are distinguished by their wide range of applications. Installation is both simple and cost-effective due to the adjustable system connection. The unit is combined with the latest technology SPC control unit.

– Compact, space saving unit, which has a low noise, oil free compressor. 
– This compressor unit has a simple and clear control panel which can be connected to a building management system or system monitoring device.
– Replaceable bladder.
– Delivered with oil free compressor, weight-capacity sensor and height adjustable feet.
 -As an option, the Flexcon M-K/U can be fitted with a Flexvent Super.

Flexcon M-K/U


A unique product for incorporating branches in existing installations (e.g. hospitals, industrial installations) without the slightest problem.

– Saves installation time and costs.
– Create branches while the system is still in operation.
– Draining is not necessary, so no air and dirt cannot get into the system.
– A perfect branch every time due to the trigger.
– Easy to create a branch, even where space is restricted.
– Optimum pipe seal.
– Anti-corrosion coating.
– Simple preparatory installation with click-in nuts (on models from 1½”).
– Single use (one shot) trigger mechanism. The trigger is included with the T-plus.


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