PHD Manufacturing Inc.

PHD Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1972 by a group of industry veterans with strong management, financial, sales and manufacturing backgrounds. The entrepreneurial vision of this close group used the talents they acquired over the years to forge something special in a business that needed a different purpose. This core group continues to manage PHD today, ensuring the original commitment to quality and excellence.

Our 30 professional sales representatives supporting the plumbing, mechanical and electrical industries are ready to serve your needs. Our manufacturing plant in Columbiana, Ohio, together with our 23 stocking warehouses throughout the United States, gives us one of the largest inventories in the industry.

Many of our products are Underwriter’s Laboratories listed and Factory Mutual approved. All PHD products are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards set for their design and manufacture.

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Beam Clamps
Clevis Hangers
Concrete Anchors
Riser Clamps
Sprinkler Hangers
Continuous Threaded Rods
Steel Drop-in Anchors
Two Hole Pipe Straps
Pipe Roller Chairs
Pipe Roller Hangers
Pipe Roller Stands
Machine Threaded Rods
Welded Beam Attachment
Weldless Eye Nut
Cantilever Bracket
Slotted Channels
Concrete Inserts
Strut Clamps

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